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TribalSketch, ArtAffirm and OnTimeProof - one Integrated Solution with Web Store front, Online Preflighting, Online PDF Editing and Layout, Ripping, Trapping and Soft Proofing!

Lucid Dream Software, Inc. announces the integration of it's complete product line into one major solution for the printing industry!

After several years of development Lucid brings together all the pieces into one complete package. Try it out today, register your sample account at the main site -- www.tribalsketch.com select any product and create a project.


** NEW Web Zoomable Online Proofing from I-Trap!**

If you use Google Maps or one of the many other zooming interfaces then you should easily recognize the benefits a zooming function brings. I-Zoom now brings these same benefits to inexpensive prepress production systems.

Imagine offering your customer the ability to view their jobs online where they can move from full page to miniscule detail in a smooth continuous fashion - regardless of either theirs or your bandwidth! Think of your ripped job as a "very large picture". I-Zoom along with the new Microsoft Silverlight browser plugin (Intel Mac and PC - all major browsers) is the very best way to interact with these pictures over the web.

I-Zoom has amazing color clarity as well. All jobs are stored in full CMYK mode and the quality of color viewing is only matched by calibrated systems costing thousands of dollars. Remote color proofing is now simple and inexpensive!

Request your trial version of I-Trap now!

I-PDF works by adding trapping information back to the ORIGINAL PDF file in a new "Trapping Layer". This retains ALL of the characteristics of the original file- such as fonts and meta-data - and just adds this separate traps layer.
I-PDF can be configured in both automatic trapping and interactive trapping workflows.
I-PDF can be configured together with the I-JPEG plugin to create both trapped PDF files and small email-able soft proof files - at the same time.
Consider these many benefits of I-Trap with I-PDF:
  • Step and Repeat: Trap once and then reuse the trapped file over and over again.
  • Imposition: Trap first and then Impose to save time and speed correction cycles.
  • Archive: Save your jobs as original PDF with separate trapping Layer.
  • Preflight: The rip and interactive viewer are excellent ways of checking ahead.
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New 2009 pricing
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Now Hybrid Screening- Hybrid screening technology implemented in I-Tone plugin!

Using TrapSets
Choosing trapping parameters and using TrapSets

Free PDF Trapping upgrade to Lucid's I-Trap!

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