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TaskForce Lite

Unbelievable Price

TaskForce Lite comes with online job submission, ripping, trapping, pdf/x export, soft proofing, and PDF Imposition.

The TaskForce workflow begins with online job submission. This is handled by the OnTimeProof product that provides a locally installed daabase driven - web application. OnTimeProof lets you establish a professional looking website where your users can log in and upload their jobs using a browser based interface. The file upload works through a nice Java applet that allows you to select one or many files and handles sending these files quickly and securely to your site. Once the files are transfered then it presents the user with a job ticket form page to get the information you need to process the job. The printer is automatically notified by email when the job arrives.

Automated production of your job is the next step. Using the browser interface you can check the job and the job ticket to make any changes needed. Automated production happens once you accept the job by assigning a job number. TaskForce Production Workflow Assistant routes job files based on the job ticket contents.

Ripping is handled by the Harlequin SW Rip vs 8. Fully PDF 1.7 compliant it supports live transparency. As the job is ripped it is also trapped using the TaskForce I-Trap Auto. This professionally trapped data is then stored as both a production ready PDF/x and as a soft proof PDF/x files.

The automatic TaskForce Proof Assistant then picks up the soft proof and loads it back to the user job for online soft proofing. The user is automatically notified by email and can log in to view their job online. It has support for the Acrobat collaborative annotation tools and has many other features.

Once the job is approved then the production ready PDF is Imposed for final output using the InPo2 Atom imposition plugin for Acrobat by Dynagram. Incldued as part of the TaskForce Lite workflow this allows the user to create a wide variety of imposition and step and repeat layouts.

A complete set of features at a tremendous price!

David Lewis
Lucid Dream Software, Inc.

    **Note to Kimosetter Users - TaskForce Lite can be configured to include the RIP device driver for the Kimosetter (340, 340i and 410) at
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